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TT Designs

I design and make bespoke luxury Jewellery Boxes, Furniture and Wall Art. I specialise in hand cut marquetry and like to incorporate this into each piece I make. My contemporary designs create a modern twist to the traditional art form of marquetry. I get my inspiration for my designs from nature (I love trees!) and my travels around the world.


Hand cut marquetry Wall Hanging

Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 12mm

Price: £84.00


Hand cut Marquetry Wall Hanging

Dimensions: 355 x 355 x 12mm

Price: £620

Moonlit Trees Jewellery Box

Solid Ash Jewellery Box

Dimensions: 170 x 170 x 110mm

Price: £270

Tree and Moon Oak Coffee Table

Solid Oak Coffee Table

Dimensions: 481 x 481 x 450mm

Price: £495

Andy Daines


Much of my work starts out by selecting timber, birch ply and timber veneers, which are glued together forming a special laminate.

Each piece is then carefully shaped to a smooth touch revealing the unique beauty and grain hidden below.

Contemporary wall plaque

Elm/Sapele laminated wood

600mm x 165mm x 18mm


Owl wall plaque

Oak and laminate carving

485mm x 134mm x 30mm


Rabbit silhouette wall plaque

Hand cut laminate silhouette

185mm x 275mm x 21mm


Bird house display set

Carved laminate birds and house

230mm x 165mm x 65mm

Shaun Clifford

My name is Shaun Clifford. I am a master Woodturner. I specialise in bowls and hollow vessels. I believe my work to be ‘organic meets contemporary’. I have been turning for 46 years and teach from beginners to master classes and I also do demonstrations.

Hollow Form

Field Maple Burr (Ebony Collar)

6 inch x 3 inch


Emerging Bowl

Pippy Yew

13 inch x 8 inch


Floating Wing Bowl

Indian Bean Tree

20 inch x 8 inch


Hollow Form 2

Silver Birch Burr

12 inch x 8 inch



Ray and Kathy (Temima Crafts) make a range of band saw cut 'Bloomin' Clever Boxes' which are as fascinating on the inside as they are lovely on the outside; beautiful, tactile, useful and fun - they tick all the boxes!

The Vanishing Castles are not at all useful but are like the boxes in every other way. Enjoy the magic of instant transformation.

Cube Style 'Bloomin' Clever Box                                                  


Tulip Wood,
 Medio Style 'Bloomin Clever Box' 
With lift out trays and drawers
'Critter', Grass Snake by Lynn Hazell


'Vanishing Castle'                                                                          



Medio Style 'Bloomin' Clever Box'
Domed Top
Lift out tray, drawer and Mini Box

Spalted Beech



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