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Deborah Kelly-Hopkins

Working in silver and gold with details of diamonds. My designs incorporate organic texture and contrasting finishes, creating modern, timeless collections of jewellery. My newest pieces combine silver with gold.

Large Circles Necklace


26” long


Wide diamond set ring

Sterling silver

10mm wide


Circle pendant

Silver and 9ct gold

25mm across


Stud earrings

Silver & 9ct gold

25mm long



MH Goldsmith’s contemporary fine jewellery is made entirely by hand using traditional methods made to exacting standards. Opposing colours, textures and forms set with interesting coloured gems are the hallmark of this continental-trained jeweller now based in Somerset.

Strawberry quartz and ruby ring

Silver and 22ct gold

Finger size N+


Three tourmaline ring

Silver and 18ct gold

Finger size N+


Dendritic agate and rhodolite ring

Silver and 22ct gold

Finger size O


Drusy and tourmaline ring

Silver and 22ct gold

Finger size N+


Cloudberry Designs


Jackie enjoys using a variety of techniques and materials to produce a beautiful range of contemporary jewellery, Inspired by Scandinavian design, natural and organic forms. Using silver, gold, enamel, and gemstones and creating texture and movement to create these wearable, unique and elegant pieces.

Årv silver ring with sky blue topaz

Dimensions ; stone 10mm faceted cushion

Ring size available - L  and M (other sizes made to order)

Price £325.00

Acorn silver earrings with 22 carat gold detail

Dimensions - Acorn disc measures 1.5cm diameter

Approx length 3-4cm

Price; £145

Agapanthus silver necklace set with sky blue topaz

Dimensions ; faceted topaz - 4-5 mm

Pendant size 2.5-3cm

Sterling silver chain extendable 16 - 20 inches

Price ; £185

Strömma 9 carat gold ring with Australian boulder opal

‘Meandering stream’ this open moss textured ring can be adjusted to fit any finger.

Current size ; N

Price ; £640

Phoenix Tree

Innovatively styled Jewellery, unusual silver and gold pieces that you won’t see elsewhere!

Incorporating intricate saw pierced detail, pieces are often 3D in shape and have movement. Many pieces are tactile with hidden detail, often representing animals, wildlife, plants and trees.

Oak Tree Egg Pendant

Sterling silver, 3D, Hand pierced

Approx: h: 50mm w: 30mm d: 20mm

Price £350.00

Fairy Pendant

Sterling silver, hand pierced detail

Approx: h: 40mm w: 30mm d: 10mm

Price £245.00

Indian Elephant Pendant

Sterling silver, Hand pierced detail

Approx: h: 20mm w: 30mm d: 1.5mm

Price £150.00

Robin Brooch

Sterling silver/9ct rose gold, Handcrafted

Approx: h: 35mm w: 35mm d: 2.5mm

Price £225.00

Suzie Jasper

Suzie’s love and understanding of dogs is evident in her characterful and expressive ceramic dog sculptures. She also sculpts elegant large ceramic leaf dishes.

Her contemporary jewellery collections feature exquisite semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and handcrafted pure silver pendants.

Suzie also creates an imaginative and exciting range of contemporary jewellery, using exquisite semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and handcrafted pure silver pendants.

Starfish earrings

Handcrafted pure silver starfish earrings

16mm x 16mm

£68.00 (plus £4.70 for recorded delivery)

Catherine necklace

Freshwater pearls and sterling silver necklace

50mm length, including sterling silver bail. Comes with a choice of a 16” or 18” sterling silver snake chain.

£65.00 (plus £4.70 for recorded delivery)

Kate earrings

Freshwater pearls and sterling silver stud earrings

30mm drop, including sterling silver stud fitting

£34.00 (plus £4.70 for recorded delivery)

Camilla bracelet

Freshwater pearls, hematite and a sterling silver and zirconia focal bead

Adjustable size

£79.00 (plus £4.70 for recorded delivery)

Matthew Read

Matt’s sculptural Jewellery is developed through exploring and creating textural forms using natural found objects such as seed pods, leaves and wild flowers. They are immortalised in different precious metals, including sterling silver and gold.

Sterling Silver Poppy Seed Earrings.

Dimension H 21mm W 21mm D 5mm

Price: £70

One in Stock

Sterling Silver Tri Earrings.

Dimension H 11mm W 11mm D 3mm

Price: £40

One in Stock

Sterling Silver Splash Earrings.

Dimension H 25mm W 18mm D 3mm

Price: £75

One in Stock

Sterling Silver Textured Earrings.

Dimension H 50mm W 7mm D 7mm

Price: £65

One in Stock

Jonathan Lerer


Working largely with silver and semi-precious stones, Jonathan Lerer creates unique, one of a kind, eye-catching pieces of art wear. Avant garde jewellery designed with the confident individual in mind.

Lapis Necklace

Lapis, Rolled Gold, Sterling Silver

19 ½” x ½” at widest bead


Ammonite Necklace

Ammonites, Sterling Silver, Rolled Gold

20” x ¾” at widest bead


Sterling Silver Necklace

Electroformed nuggets, Solid Cast Pendant

17 ½”x ¾” widest bead / 2” Pendant + ½” drop


Rough Black Rutile Quartz Necklace

Rough/polished beads, Sterling Silver

17” x ½:” at widest bead


Tine Bladbjerg

Tine Bladbjerg makes simple and elegant jewellery in precious metals using stones to add colour. She works straight in the metal by shaping, piercing and soldering it or carves the more sculptural pieces in wax which is then cast.

Amethyst pendant with dome

Silver and Amethyst pendant



Circle & Dot Earrings with Rhodolite Garnets

Silver Earrings with Rhodolite Garnets



Triangle with curve earrings with Garnets

Silver earrings with Garnet triangles



Orbit ring with 0.25ct Princess cut Diamond

18ct Gold ring with Diamond

Finger Size M


Alison Young

Alison designs and makes contemporary silver jewellery, using traditional silversmithing techniques. Her work is inspired by organic forms and by colour and often incorporates semi-precious stones and natural materials, including petrified wood, handmade ceramics, and vintage black coral.

Coastal porcelain necklace

Silver, ceramic and ocean jasper necklace

Length 48cm


Silver, aventurine and carnelian pendant necklace

Length 47cm

Drop pendant 5cm from necklace


Silver bead and petrified wood pendant

Length 43cm

Petrified wood pendant 0.7cm diameter


Silver, crystal and copper leaf pendant necklace

Length 43cm

Drop pendant 5cm from necklace



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