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Naomi Brangwyn

Using traditional stained glass techniques but introducing other materials. I’m inspired by nature - the wild and the calm, the changing light of every day from dawn to dusk, across the seasons, in all weathers.

Sea Glass and shell




Morning meadow




On a golden beach




Early morning sail




I'm Kathryn Webley a glass artist

The Pod Floating Studio


I'm Kathryn Webley a glass artist, who makes canal inspired nature scenes from my floating studio ‘The Pod’; a narrowboat moored on the Chesterfield Canal. My observations of the waterways are reflected in my sculpture, pictures and bespoke commissioned windows.

Autumn Mist

Glass Framed Picture

Dimensions 45cm h x 29cm w x 4cm d


Nighttime Hare

Glass Framed Picture

Dimensions 45cm h x 23cm w x 2cm d

Price £145

Please contact Kathryn directly via if you wish to purchase this item

Glass Table-Top Sculpture

31cm h x 14cm w x 14cm d


Sunset Reflections

Glass Table-Top Sculpture

Dimensions 37cm h x 18cm w x 14cm d

Price £165

Please contact Kathryn directly via if you wish to purchase this item


I like experimenting with ideas and media resulting in a diverse range of artworks. Recently I have made a series of sculptures to express delight at having weathered life's storms, the wisdom of age, and the freedom to please myself.

Dragonflies in flight

Dichroic glass, copper, precious metals

15” high X 10” wide X 6” deep


Solar Flare (flair)

Mixed media mounted on Perspex

15” high X 8.5” wide X 8.5” deep


Blown away

Mixed media mounted on Perspex

19.5” high X 6” wide X 5” deep


Swimming up

Copper clay on driftwood

18” high X 8” wide X 3” deep


Cathi Prince

With stained glass I design images influenced by the garden, fields and countryside. Often mixing techniques, including traditional leading, copper foiling, fusing and etching, I love to play with the colours and textures found in the varieties of glass.

“Berry Temptation”

Copper foil and Fused glass

330mm x 250mm


“Swallow Disc”

Copper foil

290mm diameter


“Fish Trio”

Copper foil and Fused glass

250mm x 210mm


“Bluetit in Cow-parsley”

Multi-medium leaded glass

315mm x 170mm


Daisy Glass

I’m a professionally trained stained and fused glass artist of 30 years. I’m influenced by nature and am particularly drawn to texture and colour which inspires me to create a range of unique and handcrafted functional products and artistic pieces.

Rainbow Curve

Fused glass curved rainbow hanging

17cm x 9cm

Price: £21.50

Rainbow Suncatcher

Fused glass rainbow suncatcher hanging

4cm x 7.5cm

Price: £10

Meadow Flower Coaster

Fused glass coaster

10cm x 10cm

Price: £15

Meadow Flower Suncatcher

Fused glass suncatcher hanging

5cm x 7.5cm

Price: £10


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